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Seven Best Exercises You’ll Learn At Your Personal Trainer Course

Are you interested in participating in a marathon? Do you want to burn up more calories by doing something more other than hitting the gym? Then trying out boot camp exercises is the answer. Personal training workouts are fast, intensive and rigorous.

If you want to try out these vigorous workouts, then you can start seven boot camp exercises. But, before you start your exercises, do warm exercises so that you don’t strain your muscles. Also, ensure you drink enough water to keep hydrated. Here are the 7 Best exercises you’ll learn during your personal training certification.

Push Ups
First, lie flat on the ground after which bend and place your arms on parallel to your shoulders. Then, push up and ensure that your upper body is parallel to the ground. Another important factor to keep in mind is that while you push up, your toes must be touching the ground. Begin this workout with 10 push ups and then keep increasing as your stamina increases.

Squat Jumps 
As the name goes, you have to first squat and ensure that your thighs. Keep your hands straight and ensure it is parallel to the ground. When you jump, push your body high in the air and put your hands down. This work out strengthens your calf muscles as well as gives a firm tone to your butt.

Squat Kick Outs
As the name suggests, you spread your legs and squat in such a way that your thighs are parallel to the ground. Push your butt out like as if you are sitting on a chair. Next, clasp your hands. Then, put your body weigh on your left leg and kick out your right leg. Remember, it should be straight and then come back to the starting position. Now, change sides so that you kick out your left leg by putting your body weight on your right led. This exercise helps in reducing the bulging bellies. I learnt this fantastic exercise during a course for fitness trainers, it really helped me to tone my butt in a way that no other exercise did.

Leg Outs
This is another belly fat reducing exercise. First, lie on your back and lift your lower body. While your thighs will give your back the balance, your legs must be suspended in the air. Next, push your legs out so that it hovers above the ground. Keep your hand behind your head during this workout. Practice this boot camp exercise at least 10 times.

Jack Knives
First, stand straight with your legs apart. Then, slowly squat like as if you are sitting on a chair and spread out your hands. Next, you touch your hand to ground while maintaining your squat position. Slowly, put your right left out and then your left leg. All your weight will be on your hands and toes as you reach the plank position. Then, do at least five push up without touching the ground. If you find it difficult, bend your knees and then do the push up. Once you finish the push ups, slowly come back to the starting position.

Walking Lunges
First, stand straight with your feet apart and your hands on your waist. Then, with your right leg take a big step forward. Slowly, bend your left leg so that it hovers over the ground. Stay in that position for a few seconds and then return to your standing position. Do the same exercise but this time keep your left leg out and bend your right leg.

Ball Squats
This is a simple personal training exercise. Spread your feet apart and hold the ball between your hands in front of your hips. Slowly bend and squat, keeping the balance between the ball in your hands and your feet. Slowly come to the starting position.

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