Things to Keep in Mind When Training With A Steel Mace

Steel mace workouts has its own charms and benefits. You enjoy your sessions more when you exercise under the open sky amidst a cool and refreshing environment. Without doubt, working out at your neighbourhood parks or beaches is more attractive than having to exercise within a closed gym.

With a certified steel mace instructor to guide you, training outdoors is perhaps the most enjoyable way of incorporating exercise in your daily routine. However, it’s not always smooth walking with outdoor exercise… in fact it can become quite unsafe if you don’t follow certain precautions.

Always check the Weather Report
The weather can be a great spoilsport for outdoor activities even if it’s your regular workout sessions. Yes, don’t let the weather spoil your plans of doing some serious exercise…always check the weather report in advance. You may have to change your regular attire or even abandon a session if inclement weather is forecast.

Be Attentive to your Comfort
Macebell training in a natural atmosphere where the environment can change anytime without prior indication. Unlike the controlled atmosphere of gyms and indoor workout areas, you cannot really control the temperature, humidity, sunshine etc when exercising outdoors.

That is why it is all the more important to listen to your body and stop immediately whenever you feel dizzy or breathless. Too much of heat or cold can disturb your body’s natural balance and make you feel uncomfortable. Never continue training with a steel mace in such a situation but speak to your trainer instead.

Stay Hydrated
Macebell personal trainers don’t get tired to remind you that staying hydrated is vitally important no matter what the season is. Always remember to drink water or health drinks before, during and at the end of each workout session. Do it even if you are not particularly thirsty. Inadequate intake of water will leave you exhausted too soon and you may be forced to quit midway through the session.

Exercising Outdoors during the Summer Months
Summer is the time for blue skies, fresh air and strong sunshine. Exercising outdoors during summer can be enjoyable but you need to protect yourself from heat-related ailments. During summer, try and arrange for workout sessions during early morning or evening when the sun is not so strong.

Wear light coloured, loose-fitting attire that allows easy circulation of natural air. Tight clothes restrict free flow of air and can make you feel breathless especially when you are working hard under s scorching sun.

Exercising Outdoors during the Winter Months
Winter too presents some unique problems for those who wish to continue exercising even during the freezing months. You can check out their Steel Mace Australia Facebook group to find out which outdoor companies are still running some classes during winter.

If heat stroke is the danger during summer, hypothermia and frostbite are the hazards during winter. Know more about these two conditions and learn to identify their symptoms at an early stage so that further harm can be prevented. Never dress too heavily as it again constricts the free flow of air.

Always dress in layers so that you can remove a jacket or two in case you are sweating profusely. It is best to experiment with different clothing till you find the right combination to wear during winter workouts. Remember to keep your ears, hands, feet and head protected from direct exposure to cold.